Exciting Festival of Chichester music series at the University

After the most frustrating and difficult of years, musicians at the University of Chichester will be getting the showcase they deserve as a new festival within the festival at this year’s Festival of Chichester.

Piers Adams
Piers Adams

The University of Chichester Conservatoire Summer season will bring together around 200 music students to give them some of the performance opportunities they have missed out on during the pandemic.

It is being organised by the University of Chichester’s head of orchestral studies Crispin Ward.

Events will be under the Giant Festival Canopy with the audience on the University’s Festival Field. Tickets through the Festival of Chichester.

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    “The students missed out on so many of their activities that we are putting together this programme of activities to make up for it. And if it is successful, if we sell enough seats, we would be looking to do it again next year. We persuaded the university to stump up the money to make it happen because the students had missed out on so much. We would very much want to do it again.

    “It’s showcase. It gives the students the chance to be together for two weeks doing all these activities and it gives them the concert experiences that they have missed out on.

    “We were lucky that because we are a practical course, we were able to come back and do quite a lot, but this is really positive. It allows them to do so much more. I think we have got about 200 students taking part at the moment. They are not being assessed. It is all extra-curricular, and the response from the students has been fantastic. They can’t wait. They are so happy. They are saying ‘Can I be involved?’ and the answer is ‘Yes, of course!’ Any of them that wants to be involved can definitely be involved. They are so happy to be taking part.”

    No seating is provided so bring your picnic rugs, protection from the elements, even camping chairs too if you wish. A licenced bar is also available.

    Events include:

    Piers Adams With Orbita Baroque Orchestra, June 26 7.30, Chichester University Festival Field. An evening concert with recorder virtuoso Piers Adams and Orbita Baroque Orchestra performing Telemann, Vivaldi concerti plus Bach’s famous Double Violin Concerto.

    Afternoon tea with The Sleepy Lagoon Dance Orchestra, June 27, 2.30pm, Chichester University Festival Field– music from the dance band era.

    Acis And Galatea G F Handel, Concert Performance, June 30, 7.30pm, Chichester University Festival Field. Orbita Baroque combine with the University of Chichester Conservatoire.

    Bond Is Back: The Spectre Orchestra Play Bond, July 2 and repeated July 3, 7.30pm Chichester University Festival Field. The Spectre orchestra and soloists perform all the double agent’s greatest hits.