Game review: Gaming chair

GAME and gaming products are becoming more diverse and popular than ever before, especially the GAMING CHAIR.

Now I know what you are thinking (probably more what your partner is thinking), why would I splash out a load of cash for a chair with speakers in it during a recession, when I have a perfectly good armchair?

Well my friend if you can`t afford it, then stick to your armchair and read no more, but if you are intrigued by what I have to say on the matter, then please read on...

OK we all know to the average woman (or male) partner a gaming chair is an expensive toy used by sad loners who need to get out more, and perhaps certain elements of that view are correct. To a dedicated gamer who just likes to enjoy the full experience of the game, a seat is another important addition. If you play football in a tennis court, or on the street it isn`t as much fun as playing on a proper pitch, with a team and all the kit.

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    Same goes for gaming, the object of the chair is to enhance the experience, and gamers these days are demanding better games and more interactivity.

    As I have already reviewed a number of gaming chairs before I have decided to review what I would say is the best of the rest (at the moment).

    Personally, I wasn`t sold on the idea of gaming chairs until recently when I tried out the SKYLOUNGER BOOMCHAIR (also available from It was then I realised what I had been missing - it is an essential part of the experience.

    The XDREAM ROCKER GAMING CHAIR by XROCKER and supplied exclusively by is certainly the Cadillac of chairs; its built in sound system immerses the player in a nice warm duvet of sound, and with the vibration (shiatsu) massage element, makes you feel loved, as you bomb your way through level after level of the latest game.

    XROCKER has not scrimped on the comfort and quality of this item; it is basically the new version of X-ROCKER PRO gaming chair and comes with all the bells and whistles.

    Covered in breathable fabric, it certainly is comfortable and with the built-in massage/bass (which is adjustable) certainly enhances any gaming experience; the surround sound is nice and loud and with an adjustable bass and volume control, the controls are easy to reach, and with inputs for headphones, mp3 players and external sound sources (plus it looks nice with a soft blue light).

    This is a proper chair and no “on the floor” rocker or bean bag it is actually mounted on a round base and can swivel 360 degrees and has a rocking ability which can be adjusted (a bit like a PC chair).

    The XDREAM ROCKER is compatible with the Xbox 360®,Playstation 3®,Playstation 2®,Nintendo Wii® plus all the APPLE® gadgets, all major consoles and handhelds including TV, DVD players and most mp3 players, so it is more than just a gaming chair.

    Wireless technology drives the sound via sender unit and is flawless without any signal drop outs (the only set back is. It is battery powered and you have to switch it off manually) which is ideal if you don`t want cables lying around everywhere, the coverage is up to 25 feet.

    Being a person of average height (5ft 10in), the XDREAM ROCKER is perfect for me. Unfortunately if you are shorter in stature then you will notice it as the seating height is not adjustable, then again just put your feet up!

    Assembly is very straight forward, with all the tools needed being supplied, and it doesn`t take long to put it together.

    The XDREAM ROCKER feels very hard wearing and well-built, so it should stand up to the punishing rigors of a gaming chair, and it doesn`t look out of place in the living room either.

    For the price £249.95 (08/05/2012) you do get a lot of chair, and I know it’s a big investment for the average gamer, but when you think about the comfort and added gaming experience you get from a gaming chair then it is worth it in the long run, after all it’s the price of 5 new games.


    Until recently I wasn`t a convert to gaming chairs, just thought they were an expensive luxury. That was until I really tried one out, and realised it is a major part of the gaming experience. If you are gaming in your bedroom, you don`t need speakers dotted all over the place, as it’s all in the chair plus the XDREAM ROCKER doesn`t look out of place in any living room, and with the headphones plugged in no one will know you are there.

    A gaming chair is an expensive addition to your game experience, and there are plenty of cheaper ones out there but if you want something that will last, and is built well, then go the extra mile and get one of these.


    3 channel wireless audio (864 Mhz)

    Audio System with surround sound

    Internal Amplifier

    2 x Stereo, surround sound satellite speakers

    Chair colour: Black with gray detailing.

    Separately adjustable powered subwoofer (with excellent sound reproduction, vibratory lifelike bass, and a huge volume range, to enhance experience of gaming, music and movies)

    ‘Gun Armrests’ for resting those tired arms.

    Stand for additional height while sitting

    It works with Xbox, Xbox 360, PS3, PS2, Nintendo gaming units and all major game platforms, including handheld units such as PSP and DS lites

    It also will work with your TV, DVD, VHS, and stereo system, your MP3 and iPod player and your phone if it has a standard earphone jack.

    Can also work with powered amps (up to 80 Watt)

    Integrated wireless receiver

    Breathable fabric and double foam – Comfort to the max!

    UK (BS) adaptor included

    Wireless adaptor included

    RCA cable/wireless adaptor included

    The unit connects through the audio out connection (or headset connection) on your TV so is compatible with HDMI and Scart, and all other units with an audio out connection.

    Dimensions: when assembled – 105cm x 90cm x 68cm

    Weight: 29kg

    Price: £249.95|By Dayvid Ryan|Dayvid Ryan