Game review: Special Forces: Team X

There are masses of shooting/combat games out at the moment, some great some not so great.

Special Forces: Team X developed by Zombie Studios, a long established gaming company, which is responsible for such classics as Spec Ops 2: Green berets should have it spot-on when it comes to this kind of thing.

Ufortunately this game comes into the latter category.

Special Forces: Team X is not a bad game, it just doesn`t bring anything new to the table and with a number of glitches it failed to impress.

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    The game itself is a third person on line multi-player shooter with a good cover system, yet this has all been seen before with Tom Clancy`s: Ghost Recon and numerous other combat games.

    There is no campaign on Special Forces: Team X it’s all online multiplay and it’s a tough learning curve, because when I went online there are plenty of 10 year olds who have been on there since day one, high on red bull and chocolate kicking bottoms and trying their best to humiliate you, so you have to man up pretty quick if you want to stay alive.

    Third person shooter veterans won`t have a problem with this game as it’s all been done before.

    There are plenty of choices of weapons and characters, yet the level up system makes no sense.

    OK you can level up at a decent pace, but the incentives for doing so are pretty uninteresting.

    Gameplay itself is straightforward, with aiming at targets a little frustrating at first. This is due to the recoil of your weapon, you can upgrade weapons as you progress.

    You can change the way your character looks (yet again you have to level up) but you have to plod through endless level ups to get anything worth having.

    Oh and another thing regarding the level up system on this game, it informs you that you have levelled up yet it doesn`t say where ‘it’ is, the player has to find the ‘it’ before you can use it.

    And what’s with the attack dogs in this game? All they do is mainly face walls walking on the spot and serve no purpose whatsoever.

    Special Forces: Team X is essentially a team game, yet you can’t use voice chat which is bizarre, so you have to hang around your team-mates and hope for the best.

    There are five game modes to choose from, the most popular being Team Deathmatch and Capture point, and there are plenty of modes to get into, for instance HVT (high Value Target) which is really a game of tag, the usual capture the flag and Hot zone a basic King of the Hill game. All OK, just not very popular online.

    There is one interesting element to this game and that’s the maps. You can customise them as they are divided into three sections which you can swap around to make different combinations.

    You all vote on a map before you play, which works well as this enables plenty of choice apart from the only real difference is where the sections meet.

    The graphics are quirky; the game is rendered in a cartoon-like way, very similar to Borderlands 2 and, of course, we have the usual epic music.

    Gun noises are fairly realistic, yet the re-spawning element can be frustrating. I found myself re-spawning right in front of enemies on too numerous an occasion.


    Special Forces: Team X is a basic third person shooter that will be popular for a few months online then fade into obscurity like so many before it.

    It’s not a bad game just mediocre, with the lack of voice chat, bad re-spawning, glitches and a level up system that offers no incentive. Special Forces: Team X is really the same old stuff with a few added ideas that don`t work very well. Nice try but no cigar I am afraid.

    Special Forces: Team X

    Developer: Zombie Studios

    Publisher: Atari

    Xbox 360®(XBLA)


    Genre: Third person on-line multi player

    Release Date: 6th February 2013

    Gameplay: 3/5

    Graphics: 2.5/5

    Story: 2/5

    Overall: 2.5/5

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