Game review: Tritton Kunai Stereo headset

Headsets nowadays are fast becoming a necessity to today’s gaming, especially when playing against others online, with not only the graphics becoming more high definition but also the sound.

They help immerse gamers into their own world, blocking out all remnants of the outside, making it easy to get lost in whatever game they happen to be playing.

When I received Tritton’s Kunai Stereo Headset, I was amazed at its beauty and its sleek design. I received the white coloured headset but it also comes in black and red, all equally looking as good as each other and was neatly packed in its packaging perfectly

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Unboxing this beauty, I found it came with the headset itself, a detachable microphone attachment and an audio cable to attach to your PlayStation 3 system and your television.

On the cable attached to the headset itself, there was a standard headphone jack that connects to a standard headphone port on any electronic device so the headset becomes a superb set of headphones for your MP3 players, tablets or any other gaming devices making this one diverse and impressive piece of kit.

I first tested the headset whilst playing Marvel vs Capcom 3 for the PlayStation Vita.

The 40mm speakers fit on my ears very comfortably with the cushions on each ear which not only fit snuggly, but also help block out any invading sounds from the outside, I was very impressed.

The sound quality was outstanding, the character voices were very distinguishable from the in game music and was very clear. However it was noticeable that the music was more defined and clearer made more so by the bass.

I then tried this beast out on my PlayStation 3 and the sound was only slightly better, the voices were better quality and the music sounded pretty much the same.

It was easy to set up using the PS3’s RCA cable and switching the audio over via the PS3’s Cross Media Bar whilst leaving the visuals to the HDMI port. Also attached to the audio in cables was a USB connector which needed to be inserted which could be problematic to those who use controller chargers or other peripherals whilst playing, unless you have a rare 60gb fat PS3 which has 4 USB ports, standard PS3’s only have 2.

The microphone attachment can be inserted and removed as and when you please which locks into place with one gentle twist. It picks up the players voice brilliantly even when the microphone is quite far away from the mouth however if it is positioned close to the players mouth, it distorts the voice and other players voices were easy to hear above the hustle bustle onscreen making online multiplayer a blast.

Another feature of the Kunai headset was a smart looking inclusion of a handheld volume control separate to the headset itself.

On it was your standard volume control, microphone volume control and a microphone switch which mutes the players’ voice when it is switched off, although this remote control was only attached to the PS3 audio in cable so if you wanted to turn the headphones down on your PlayStation Vita, you had to rely on the volume buttons on the top of the Vita system, not a huge problem but a volume control on the headphones themselves would have been a nice addition.


The Tritton’s Kunai Stereo Headset’s high quality, high defining sound and speaker design does an amazing job at burying the gamer into the game and its detachable microphone is a handy addition making online teamwork a whole lot easier and if that’s not your thing, then just switch it off and listen. It is a great looking and sounding piece of hardware gamers offline and online alike should not be without. I score the Tritton’s Kunai Stereo Headset 4/5.

Tritton Kunai Stereo headset

Playstation 3®

Playstation Vita®

Wii U

Independent game and voice control

40 mm speakers

Available now in 3 colours

Price: £49.99

Usability – 4/5

Comfort – 5/5

Value for money – 3/5