Hastings event explores impact of music in our cities

Shain Shapiro by James E DruryShain Shapiro by James E Drury
Shain Shapiro by James E Drury
Music’s impact on our cities will be the subject for discussion at a special night in Hastings.

Hannah Deeble, general manager of Hastings Fat Tuesday (HFT), explains: “The Hastings Bookshop and the 1066 Music city Network will welcome author Shain Shapiro on the evening of November 29 for a book launch, Q&A and panel discussions."

To join the network email [email protected]

“Shain's book This Must Be the Place introduces and examines music’s relationship to cities. Not the influence cities have on music, but the powerful impact music can have on how cities are developed, built, managed and governed. Told in an accessible way through personal stories from cities around the world — including London, Melbourne, Nashville, Austin and Zurich — This Must Be the Place takes a truly global perspective on the ways music is integral to everyday life but neglected in public policy. Arguing for the transformative role of artists and musicians in a post-pandemic world, This Must Be The Place not only examines the powerful impact music can have on our cities, but also serves as a how-to guide and toolkit for music-lovers, artists and activists everywhere to begin the process of reinventing the communities they live in.”

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The 1066 Music city Network is a voluntary collective of organisations and individuals working within music in the 1066 region. The network was relaunched this year, welcoming all to join in order to share knowledge, contacts and experience and benefit from shared promotion of the area.

The network is led by a steering group, currently chaired by Hannah Deeble (Hastings Fat Tuesday) and Tina Morris (Audiotrope/Coastal Currents). The group organise network meetings and events, and have an email group and Facebook group for all to join. The steering group aims to advocate for the wider network.

The event, which is free to attend, will include a Q&A with Shain Shapiro hosted by lcal Andy Gunton, followed by a panel to discuss the local scene.

Tickets should be reserved through eventbrite. Hastings Bookshop, 7pm Wednesday, November 29.

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