Haywards Heath singer-songwriter goes out of this world with new track

Haywards Heath-based singer-songwriter RXTH is working towards a late-summer five-track EP as she releases her new single Braveheart (out now) – an upbeat, sassy track and video with themes that are quite literally out of this world.


RXTH released it to coincide with World UFO Day.

“Braveheart is about wanting to connect deeply and going all in with someone you really resonate with. It’s an ode to the good souls, a recognition and an invitation.

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“However it takes courage to be open to connecting deeply. There is a vulnerability to it, especially for those that have been hurt in the past. To love and connect deeply is to be brave. Hence the title Braveheart. The video takes the theme of seeking a deep connection and extends it to otherworldly contact! The idea originated from my dislike of small talk. I’d rather discuss things like life’s mysteries and aliens.

“I’ve been fascinated by the recent official military disclosures of UFOs, alongside indigenous origin stories and various channelled material that all claim otherworldly beings have been a much bigger part in our history than is commonly acknowledged.

“The video explores the concept of their influence not just limited to technological but being physical, mental, emotional and spiritual too.”

The song continues RXTH’s themes of self-exploration: “It is my own personal journey of self-work that has been part of my looking to be braver and to get my music out there. I have been into a lot of meditation and personal development, and just the whole process of self-knowledge is just very rich for song-writing. A lot of creative people draw from their own experiences and perspectives.

“The biggest thing that I have got out of the journey has been moving towards self-acceptance. It has been really wonderful. Before, I was a little bit self-critical and self-doubting. I think it was just part of my make-up… and then life just does what it does. We give things meaning rightly or wrongly. Growing up, we look at ourselves and we work out meanings perhaps without context, without knowing what we know now. But now, rather than being the walking wounded, I think we can look at things with fresh eyes.

“When we are younger we make meaning without the context of being an adult. We make our meanings from a very limited perspective. We have to learn quickly to survive. It is an important process, but I think as we get older we can look at the programmes that we have adopted that maybe don’t suit us so well now going forward – and we can make new conscious decisions about what is real and about what will work for us.

“And I do think we can change. Neuroscientists confirm that the brain has plasticity. When we are younger, we can change much more quickly, but I do think everyone can change. It is not an easy process when you are older, but the results are wonderful in terms of how you can accept yourself and also accept other people.”

As for the name RXTH, as RXTH explains, it is pronounced Ruth which is her real name: ““I think RXTH is much more interesting. Ruth is an old Biblical name. This is bringing it up to date!”

"I like the intrigue of the name RXTH.

“I had been struggling with my name for a while. I was just using my name, but I wanted some-thing that was authentic, something that was me, something that was not too fancy or unusual. And I just found it hard finding the right name. But this is still me. It is just a creative interpretation.

“When I was small my mum used to say ‘Ruth, it is not all about you.’ The name Ruth means compassion for the suffering of others, and losing the u is remembering that it is not all about you/u.

“And that is really helpful. I am quite introverted. I am quite shy. And I think that this is a good way of getting my music out there, that when you write music it is not all about you, that it is about the music, about the songs, that it is about sharing it, that it is about the way other people interact with it.”