How to improve your life one day at a time...

The first in the spring series of Green Books events will be a session on Thursday, February 3 with Greening Steyning co-chairman and author Paul Hannam about his Sunday Times and Amazon bestseller book The Wisdom of Groundhog Day: How to improve your life one day at a time.

Paul Hannam
Paul Hannam

Spokeswoman Sarah Slight said: “Can a movie change your life? Groundhog Day is considered one of the greatest comedies of all time and has also been interpreted as an influential spiritual movie.

“The term Groundhog Day has become a popular idiom to describe a feeling of repetition and is also a powerful metaphor for feeling stuck... and the world is stuck, and so are we in many ways.

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“In his book Paul explains how and why we get trapped in our versions of Groundhog Day, when we repeat the same routines, habits, thoughts, feelings and behaviours day after day.

“He also explores how the world is trapped too especially in its response to ecological and climate breakdown.

“Our failure to solve our environmental crises is largely due to our failure to break free of destructive and unsustainable lifestyles, reinforced by our habits and routines.

“It is only when we can develop a new mindset, new habits and routines that we can prevent disaster.

“In this session of Green Books, Paul will connect ecology, the social sciences, environmental science, psychology and spirituality to explain how we have created our own global Groundhog Day that we need to transform as soon as possible!

“This is a free online event. Donations welcome to support the work of Greening Steyning!

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