Indie-pop artist Cavetown plays Brighton on back of new EP

The indie-pop artist Cavetown releases his dreamlike EP Man’s Best Friend ahead of a date at Brighton’s Chalk on December 9.


Spokesman James Wallace said: “Following the minimal, emotional single Ur Gonna Wish You Believed Me, the EP reveals a new expansiveness and depth to his songs, which only magnifies the sensitivity and maturity that Cavetown’s rapidly growing fanbase gravitates to. It is set to build upon Cavetown’s total of nearly a billion global streams (adding eight million per week), six million monthly listeners at Spotify, and 1.7 million YouTube subscribers.

“Songs like opener Idea of Her reveal the intense yearning and romance at the heart of Cavetown’s songs. Over a gently swirling acoustic guitar, he sings of longing for a person so intensely that he can barely speak her name. His headspace is muddy, but the idea of feeling so head-over-heels you don’t know what to do or say is all too familiar.

“Elsewhere, he dives even deeper into his emotions on songs like Ur Gonna Wish U Believed Me. The track starts with acoustic guitar and foggy wisps of his voice – stark instrumentation for a song of loss. He expresses regret about harsh words said, while sharing the pain he feels in the wake of an argument. Bare and beautiful, the introspective chorus expresses the hurt.”