Latest Fault line episode proves to be a faultless success

A few weeks ago gamers’ eyes were popping, world wide, at the mouth-wateringly beautiful, pixellated feast that was on display from the latest instalment of the Battlefield franchise.

Fault line, a mini-series produced by EA and DICE, gives us an example of the in-game graphics we can expect to see when Battlefield 3 is released later this year.

It follows a small squad of marines as they fight and clear their way through a war-stricken city. Never before has running and gunning looked so sexy.

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Powered by DICE’s revolutionary Frostbite 2 engine, the gaming visuals are leaps and bounds ahead of most other games in the genre. The engine has turned destroying a buiding in a flaming ball of brick, rubble and dust, into a subtle art form.

The second episode, ‘Good Effect On Target’, was released yesterday (Wednesday 16) and it definitely doesn’t disappoint. It continues the story of the four man squad, shown in the first teaser episode, now pinned down on a roof top by a barrage of enemy sniper fire.

It’s a tense shot-’n-dash, with every crack and zip of the sniper’s bullet feeling damn near tangible.

Battlefield 3 is most certainly shaping up to be one of the year’s biggest blockbusters. Scenery is crisp, lighting is gorgeous and the audio is unnervingly realistic.

Great things are to come.

Check out right for the external link to the second episode, and judge for yourself. Be warned, this is a PEGI 18 rated trailer so there is a few ‘choice’ words that will be thrown out.

Tom Cotterill