Lewes Youth Rock Orchestra promises important outlet

Lewes Youth Rock Orchestra aims to give youngsters the special attention so many of them need right now.

Thursday, 30th September 2021, 6:35 am

LYRO is run by parent James Lambeth and grandparent Tig Savage. James is a professional musician and Tig is a former singer and museum education officer.

Tig said: “We have all struggled in many ways, including emotionally over the past 18 months but perhaps the children need some extra attention right now. As they return their kids to school, parents’ thoughts turn also to extracurricular activities.

“While a good kickabout is a brilliant way to let off steam, not all children are sporty. All children need an outlet though. LYRO aims to provide this through music and teamwork. (At Lewes Youth Rock Orchestra), as family-oriented people, there is an obvious commitment to children being healthy and happy. We also believe that music must be fun and accessible. LYRO provides the added support of playing as one integrated ensemble, a rock orchestra, to further promote skills in teamwork and sociability; problem-solving; mutual respect; learning to listen to each other and working together. Playing an instrument, singing and performance skills are all implicated in positive personal development, dealing with stress, processing emotion and more.

“Emerging scientific studies suggest that, for adults, playing regularly to a high standard is also implicated in dementia prevention and we already know that music therapy is good for the intellect, mind and soul.

“If this is the case for adults, what remarkable reinforcement and promotion does playing an instrument or singing offer the developing brain?

“Some children will be positively processing on the football pitch, in the swimming pool or with their pets,

“Some will be actively taking it out on their siblings and/or parents and other care givers; and some will be internalising their emotional response to the pandemic and all that has come out of it.

“Music is always an important and useful tool for expression but today it is needed more than ever. Lewes is very fortunate to have an excellent long-standing youth music project, forming more traditional-sized bands. Now Lewes will gain from having the bands and an entire orchestra, offering more of a youth club feel, including musical games, fun musical lessons and social and team building exercises.”

LYRO is based at All Saints Centre, Lewes.

Contact [email protected] 07812 822471.