Nicholas Collier thrilled to be back in Horsham panto

Nicholas Collier is delighted to be back in panto this Christmas after a few years away in other shows.

Nicholas Collier
Nicholas Collier

He will be Captain Hook and Mr Darling in Peter Pan at Horsham’s Capitol over the festive season.

“I was working in the West End for the past few years. The last two I was in The Book of Mormon and the two before that I was in Wicked.

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“I have never done Horsham before, but it is great to be working with the lovely Hywel Dowsell (Mrs Smee) again. We did Joseph together, and we finished doing that a couple of months ago.”

Now he is Hook – and a slightly different kind of Hook, Nicholas is pleased to say.

“Usually Hook just stands on the sidelines when there is dancing and singing, but (director) Nick Mowat wanted Hook very much to be part of it all.

““He wants him to be a Hook who is actually leading the dancing. And it is going to be great. I have always wanted to be the baddie. I can’t wait to be booed and hissed at!”

As for the details, it was too early to say at the time of speaking.

“I haven’t seen the script yet, and it is hard to know how Nick is going to write it.

“But I imagine that Captain Hook will be quite scary and evil. He has certainly got it in for Peter Pan.

“e is going to do his best to make Peter’s life as miserable as he can.

““He will definitely be quite quirky. I am looking forward to finding out more about what his personality is going to be.”

Nicholas is certainly loving the costume: “I have got a lovely curly wig and a classic hat!”

Part of the challenge also will be that at the age of 31, Nicholas will be younger than the Hooks we usually get: “He is usually an older gentleman, so it will be interesting to see how that pans out.”

Nicholas is also looking forward to getting to know Horsham.

“I love the smaller towns, and it is going to be exciting to discover it. Every time I have been here so far, I have had to dash off somewhere else, so it is going to be lovely to have the time.

“I actually live in Dagenham in Essex, so it will probably take me about two hours to get here.

“I am going to be commuting every day.

“I am going to be bringing my little dog as well… though I don’t think he will be coming on the stage!”

Peter Pan is at Horsham’s Capitol from Friday, December 13-Sunday, January 5. Box office: 01403 750220 or

Peter Pan is played by Anthony Sahota; Mrs Darling/Big Chief Chillaxin’ Cow by Nicola Hume; Captain Hook/Mr Darling by Nicholas Collier; Mrs Smee by Hywel Dowsell; Mini Smee (son of Mrs Smee) by James Fletcher; Wendy Darling by Rebecca Lafferty; John Darling by Daniel Kendon / Oscar Ward-Dutton; Michael Darling by Dexter Lamley-Grinstead/Theo Ranganathan; Tinkerbell – a fairy by Freddie Hill.

Nicholas’ TV credits include: Lifeguard in There She Goes (BBC Four); Dancer for The X Factor; Olly Murs Thinking of Me; The Kevin Bishop Show’ Miley Cyrus (Saturday Night Takeaway); Moscow Never Sleeps (MTV).