Razzamataz Bognor Regis theatre school poised to reopen

Razzamataz Bognor Regis theatre school will be looking to support our youngsters as they get back to a degree of normality.

Andrea White, principal Razzamataz
Andrea White, principal Razzamataz

Andrea White, principal of Razzamataz Bognor Regis, is keen to address the pandemic’s effects on children’s mental health.

“As lockdown is gently lifted, schools return and we all get back into some sort of routine, the effects of the pandemic and parents’ worries are starting to be revealed. A Loose Women investigation has found that 55 per cent of parents fear that the global coronavirus pandemic will have a long-term effect on their children’s mental health. The Covid Kids: The State of Our Children’s Wellbeing survey also found that 46 per cent of parents agree that their child’s mental health has suffered for the first time ever as a result of the pandemic.

“Razzamataz Theatre Schools works with thousands of children from the ages of two to 18 across the UK. Throughout the various lockdowns, the school has continued to reach out to children and parents through small live classes, online social activities and special workshops with coaches to support wellbeing and mental health.”

Andrea added: “It is no surprise to us that parents have concerns over their children’s wellbeing. Lack of structure, limited chance to exercise and increased screen time can all have a detrimental effect on children’s mental health.

“However, as a theatre school, this is something we are very aware of and we have put a lot of thought, time and effort into building back resilience which first and foremost includes making sure the students are having fun.Razzamataz Bognor Regis is set to once again open its doors to students from April and are following all Government advice and taking extra precautions in terms of health and safety to keep students, families and the wider communities safe.

“While the engagement in the online lessons and masterclasses, including a session with Six The Musical and Little Mix style workshops brought by choreographer Frankie Steele, has been extremely high, nothing can beat getting kids back into the classrooms.

“We are now focussing on the future for our students and looking at ways we can help them achieve their dreams, whatever they may be. Not being in school has led to a loss in confidence for many and for older students. This can have a worrying impact on their future life decisions.

“Performing arts have so many benefits for children and young people, teaching them life skills, improved communication and ways in which they can express themselves. Over the last year, students have missed out on the usual opportunities that the classroom provides.

“Reading aloud, presenting ideas in front of the class and expressing opinions are all things that have taken a back seat while schools have been closed. We know that performing arts can give young people the confidence to articulate their ideas and we can’t wait to start working with them to help in these areas. For young people who dream of a life as a professional performer, Razzamataz is once again offering to support them with financial assistance through the theatre school’s very own charity, the Future Fund.

“We want to give young people something to aim for and be excited about again. Our students have shown such resilience by continuing with their training from home and working really hard to maintain their fitness.”

Razzamataz Bognor Regis has confirmed its face-to-face reopening on will be April 17 at The Regis School. For new students, booking for the first free trial session is essential. To find out more, contact Andrea on 078757 61291, [email protected] or visit bognorregis.razzamataz.co.uk. Taster session April 26, booking essential.