Shrek The Musical hits the Bognor Regis stage

Jack Murray joined Bognor-based BROS Musical Productions at the tail end of 2019.

Jack Murray

Two and a half years later, he is finally getting the chance to do a full-scale production with them, playing Donkey in Shrek The Musical which runs at the Alexandra Theatre, Bognor Regis from May 10-14.

Since joining Jack has had the chance to do a couple of compilation shows with them but this will be his debut large-scale production. And no, it is not a show that has been delayed and delayed.

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“It was always going to be now and it is definitely something to look forward to after the pandemic. The auditions were back in December 2021 and it was announced during the pandemic that we would be doing the show. Originally we were going to be doing Chicago in May 2020 and we were rehearsing in March 2020 when the pandemic hit. We never got to do Chicago and then the rights were removed and then Shrek was announced. Shrek is definitely much more kids friendly!”

Jack is delighted to be taking on the role of Donkey: “I couldn’t possibly do a Scottish accent so that was the role of Shrek out of the window! I just thought that Donkey was something that I could do. I love his bubbly energy. It is a very tiring role. You’ve got to be completely crazy all the time. It is just energy, energy, energy constantly and it’s a weird one. You’ve got to be chatting and talking constantly but you’ve got to do it slowly enough for the audience to be able to understand you.

“But he is a lovely part to play. He’s got a heart of gold. He just really wants a companion. He is quite lonely. He just wants a friend and he just wants to spend his days with someone. And eventually, I think, he realises that it’s better to be talking with someone rather than talking at someone the whole time. He is really great fun.

“I joined BROS in December 2019 and did their compilation show. I joined just after they did Chitty Chitty Bang Bang I went to see it with my girlfriend because we knew a couple of people in it and we just wanted to join and now my girlfriend is playing Dragon in this. We just thought it was such an amazing company. We went Chi Uni and did the musical theatre course and we stayed in the area. We were looking for a company that we could join to do musical theatre shows with. We saw BROS doing Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and we just thought this is the one!

“And now this is my first big show with them though I have done a couple of compilation shows.

“And I’ve also joined the committee. I really like to be involved in the whole thing as much as I can. I like to do the background stuff as well as the shows. I like to organise social events and so on. It’s not just about the show. We are a group of friends and the society has got a very good family vibe to it. And I just want to be involved with the whole process of it all from start to finish.”

Jack, who works on international payrolls, hasn’t gone into the showbiz industry despite his university training: “I would absolutely have loved to have proceeded but I was very happy to have a day job which meant I could enjoy putting on shows without having to worry about paying the rent.”

Based on the story and characters from the Oscar-winning DreamWorks Animation film, Shrek The Musical turns the world of fairytales upside down in an all-singing, all-dancing, must-see musical comedy.

Join Shrek, an unlikely hero, and his loyal steed Donkey as they set off on a quest to rescue the beautiful if slightly temperamental Princess Fiona from her tower, guarded by a fire breathing love-sick dragon.

Tickets are available from the Alexandra Theatre box office on 01243 861010 or online at

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