Sonic Unleashed - review

SEGA's prickly mascot shows his dark side in his latest epic quest to conquer his nemesis, Dr Eggman.

A superb pre-game sequence shows the dodgy doctor causing the spiky one to suffer a nasty dose of laser treatment that brings out the animal within.

Sonic's various missions are therefore split between daytime displays of youthful speed skills and night-time fight-orientated missions where hordes of stupid robots fall foul of the were-hog's stretchy arms and large, punching fists.

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In between are walkabout sessions where new levels are unlocked and loitering villagers chatted to in what can only be described as a light dusting of RPG flavouring on the sweet 3D platformer pastry.

The graphics are excellent; colourful, smooth and free-flowing throughout, and the story moves along at a decent pace that keeps the interest going nicely.

Much like Golden Axe, Sonic Unleashed received a curiously harsh crack of the whip from some critics when it was first released (take a bow IGN and Gamespot).

But sense has prevailed with a slew of positive gamer reviews online forming a much-needed backlash against their increasingly unreliable professional counterparts.

It's not a perfect game, the camera can be frustrating and combat can be a chore, but it's a fine return to form for one of the iconic characters in gaming.




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