The Gingerbread Boy is in Horsham this Christmas

Following the success of Santa’s Elves and the Shoemaker last year starring Arthur Bostrom, The Capitol Horsham and Sam Bradshaw Productions offer a brand-new interactive show The Gingerbread Boy this Christmas (The Capitol Studio, December 11-24).
The Gingerbread Boy (contributed pic)The Gingerbread Boy (contributed pic)
The Gingerbread Boy (contributed pic)

Spokeswoman Tracey Grubb said: “This enchanted story set deep in fairy-tale forest tells of a remarkable boy made entirely of gingerbread.

“The gingerbread boy’s world is changed forever when Blake, a young lad from a nearby village, stumbles upon his incredible cookie cottage. Together, the two boys embark on a madcap journey of discovery. And it’s Christmas Eve too. Another surprise visitor is on his way! Full of heart, laughter and song – and a healthy helping of cake – The Gingerbread Boy is a brand-new Christmas story about friendship and celebrating our differences. Producer Sam Bradshaw has a wealth of experience, presenting shows such as Santa’s New Sleigh and David Walliams’ Mr Sting and will bring Spot’s Birthday Party to The Capitol’s main stage early next year after opening in Singapore. Sam values his ongoing relationship with The Capitol.”

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Sam said: “Our Santa shows are many children’s first ever experience of live theatre and The Capitol Studio provides a safe and welcoming space for young children to enjoy our magical and interactive stories.’’

Through the use of Makaton, choreographer Aimee-Marie Bow will ensure that the performances are accessible and inclusive to all members of the audience: “We believe that the magic of the festive season should be enjoyed by everyone, regardless of their communication needs or unique abilities. That's why we are proud that all our performances use Makaton, a language program that combines signs and symbols to support communication. We also understand that some members of our audience may benefit from an even more relaxed and sensitive environment so we have a relaxed performance on Saturday, December 16, at 3.30pm. This performance is thoughtfully designed to be accepting and sensitive to those who may require a more relaxed atmosphere. It's open to everyone and can be especially helpful for individuals with conditions such as autism spectrum d isorders, sensory or communication disorders and learning disabilities.”