The Libertines’ Carl Barat offers DJ set in Worthing’s newest music venue

There’s something really quite magical about smaller English towns in the dead of night when everyone has got that night-time glow about them and is looking to lock down for a good time…


So says The Libertines’ Carl Barat as he prepares for a DJ set at Worthing’s new music venue The Factory Live on Saturday, November 30.

He’s looking forward to supporting a new venture in a town he probably knows already. He’s also looking forward to working the crowds.

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“I know (the promoter) Ronnie there who is an old vet of the London scene, and he really wants to make a go of the place.”

Carl reckons he has probably played Worthing before.

“But I like to go in cold and it will be a nice surprise. I love the sound of it. I like those seaside towns.”

DJ sets are something Carl does from time to time: “It is a bit of a light relief from playing gigs. It is a bit more relaxed.

“You get to wander up and gauge the feeling on the floor and see what feels right.”

And that’s not necessarily always all that easy.

“There have been times when it has been horrendous, when you get erroneously booked for a drum and bass night and turn up in a leather jacket and with indie hair!

“No matter how much you try, you won’t be able to gauge that one.

“Any situation like that is very, very hard. I managed to escape from a similar situation once in Cardiff!

“But hopefully they will appreciate it in Worthing. You just play old favourites and if people stop dancing, you go for something more mainstream.

“Everyone has come for a good night out anyway. Everyone wants to have a good time… but obviously if I started just playing old Earth Wind & Fire B-sides, I don’t think I would get invited back!

“But I think there is something quite magical about smallish English towns in the dead of night…”

Carl has enjoyed a long and successful career in the business, and for the past six years or so, he has been back in business with The Libertines.

“We are just embarking on a record after what has been quite a long journey.

“We are between the studio and going out on tour for the rest of the year.

“It has been six years or so that we have been back, and we have kept a pretty low profile.

“We have done a lot of touring around the world, catching up for all the years we missed. We are doing it… I would not say dutifully… but we are enjoying the opportunity.”

And no, it really doesn’t seem terribly different with The Libertines this time around.

“There is that ageing thing, I suppose… the fact that we are older and that we have a slightly different understanding of ourselves and of kindness to each other and all the things that we went through first time around.

“We probably wouldn’t have had as many problems if we had known then what we know now.

“But, no, we are not going to go getting too sensible just yet!”

Tickets £10 in advance from

The Factory Live is a brand-new state-of-the-art purpose built 350-capacity live and club music venue in Worthing.

Situated in the grounds of Soundhouse Studios, the venue boasts a Yamaha DZR Active Front Of House system,

With the option of two spaces for live music – main (350 max capacity) and studio, via a modular wall (200 max) – the building also has eight rehearsal studios.

The venue is already used by major acts for their pre-production run-throughs.

With a focus on grassroots music, The Factory Live is being programmed by Worthing’ live music promoter, atom promotions.