The sea shanty Scotsman revels in Sussex locations for video

Nathan Evans, the sea shanty Scotsman, is based just outside Glasgow. But for his new single Told You So he took full advantage of a range of locations in West and East Sussex.
Nathan EvansNathan Evans
Nathan Evans

The video for the single was filmed variously in Cuckmere Haven; Newhaven harbour; The Dyke Golf Club, Brighton; Stairbridge Lane, Haywards Heath; Worth Forest Glamping, Haywards Heath; and Warehouse, Crawley plus Wickham Park Sports Club and Crystal Palace National Sports Centre.

“Down in Sussex they had everything that we needed for the video. It was different things that we wanted, all the facilities. It must have been the director who chose them. When it came to me, all the destinations were already picked.

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“I didn’t know that part of the country. It was the first time that I had been around that area, but it was lovely, and the weather was lovely as well. It was at the start of June. We had good views and the sun was out.”

And now comes the single… to top an excellent six months. Told You So is a single which sums up his half year so far.

“I am 26. I have done quite a lot with my life so far. I have had a few jobs. I have done certain stuff and I have done music all the way through, but people have said to me ‘It is time to get a real job’, ‘You are not going to make any money with music.’ But I am now here and I am doing music full time and the single is just basically saying ‘I told you so!’ I have been here and I have been there, but at the end of the day this is what I am doing: music.

“It has only been six months that I have been doing it professionally. These last six months have been crazy. Until January I was just sitting in my bedroom uploading things to the internet, hoping somebody would listen. And then in January it was a song called Wellerman that just blew things up for me. It was a sea shanty song and I put it on TikTok and everything just went crazy. Everybody loved it.

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“From that I ended up getting millions of views and a lot of media attention. Just from that video I was approached by different managers and record companies. It went from me singing on TikTok to me having a full team behind me in just six months.”

And yes, it’s great.

“This is just what I have always wanted. It is finally here. I am just looking at the moment and just taking it in and I am just trying to do my best, just to carry on doing what I am doing and hoping that everybody loves it.

“There are definitely set goals. I would like to make an album and I would love to do a stadium tour.

“Hopefully things will just keep going upwards. Hopefully one day the stadium tour can take off. I would hope that I might be able to do that within five years. That’s the hope at least.”