UK Pink Floyd Experience head to Worthing and Crawley

Celebrating more than 50 years of one of rock music’s most influential bands, UK Pink Floyd Experience are delighted to be back on the stage with dates including Worthing’s Pavilion Theatre on August 19 (01903 206206).

UK Pink Floyd Experience - David Power
UK Pink Floyd Experience - David Power

They will also be playing The Hawth, Crawley, next February 28 (01293 553636).

Bassist, lead singer and band founder David Power said: “We are just really really pleased to be playing again.

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“We have done one show so far and it was fabulous.

“It was virtually a full house, and I think people were just really happy to be back.

“We have been doing this for so long that I don’t think nervous is the right word.

“It was more just the anticipation of playing and excitement of getting the feedback from the crowd which is why we do it in the first place.

“We have done a lot of stuff remotely (during the pandemic).

“We have been rehearsing remotely.

“We recorded the whole set for our own benefit just as a way of rehearsing together. We have got a whole library which we might release at some point or do something with.”

But the fact that the pandemic was so open-ended was one of the things that made it so tough.

“But all the band and the crew supported each other. We were together remotely. Zoom was a life-saver.

“We would have gin and tonic parties online, and we even had a Pink Floyd quiz night. We are supposed to be the experts!

“We had a full calendar (back in March 2020 when the pandemic struck), and it was all pulled away from us.

“Personally I have spent a lot of time with the management team getting stuff rescheduled and making sure that the shows that we had are still on the calendar, just 18 months or so down the line.

“And we all did different things. I was delivering for Tesco’s. That will change when we are all back full time.

“And other colleagues in the band who are music teachers were doing music teaching online.

“And my technical director is now an HGV class one driver!”

Things inevitably will be different now – and the same.

“None of us take what we are doing for granted.

“We appreciate that we are living the dream, being able to play music for a living, particularly the music of Pink Floyd.

“And I think we will appreciate it all the more.”

David set up the band in 2008.

“It was a love of Floyd basically and then realising that you could actually make a living doing a tribute to Pink Floyd, but it was a love of the band that was the first thing. And then from 2010 onwards we realised that we could bring it into the theatres.”

The set depends on the particular tour: “We have gone through phases where it has been the later years, the late 80s and 90s but then we have gone through phases of doing a particular album or two albums.

“But currently we are doing a mix of what you might call the greatest hits.

“I think there are three eras to Pink Floyd really.

“You have got the Syd Barrett era of the 1960s and then the period that most people will recognise when Roger Waters was the leader and then when Roger was no longer in the band, you have got the David Gilmour era.

“We are doing a mix of all those different eras at the moment.”