Worthing band NOISY in action with new single

Young Dumb (the & was scrapped) is the latest single from Worthing band NOISY.


“We took the & out because we thought it sounded better,” laughs Cody Matthews.

“Young Dumb is basically a song looking back and about keeping a young mindset throughout life no matter how old you grow. It is about always wanting to have fun and always keeping your youthful side.

“We haven’t reached that age yet! But it is about looking back in a retrospective way and about wanting never to lose your youthfulness. Hopefully it is a wicked song. When we wrote it we just felt so excited.

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    “We have been a band for about ten years. We used to be an indie band for eight years which we started when I was about 14. It just went on from there. That indie band was called High Tide. We disbanded around 2017, 2018. We hit the ceiling so we just decided to have a little bit of a rebrand and we just starting getting really excited again about the new stuff we were doing.”

    And so they became NOISY – “the same people as High Tide apart from one.

    “And the great thing is that we are now taking more risks with the music. Everyday we are writing something exciting.

    “Now it just seems that anything is possible. We just used to be writing guitar music and making it as loud as we could. Now we are writing on a laptop and we have just got so many more possibilities.

    “Writing on a laptop does not mean that we are quieter. It just means that we can experiment so much more with different sounds.

    “We have always been into the big iconic bands with a massive big beat to them that have big hooky choruses, but there is only so much you can do with a guitar and a pedal board. With the computer the world is at your fingertips and anything is possible that you want to try.

    “And so we have managed to find the sound that is right for us. We would describe it as rock ‘n’ roll rave music. It has got the swagger of rock ‘n’ roll but it has also got the big beats.”

    Inevitably the past year has been up and down.

    “When the first lockdown hit, we were trying to work out what it all might mean in terms of playing.

    “We had a plan at the start of last year around future releases, and you just couldn’t really apprehend at first that this was not going to go away anytime soon.

    “And then it was so difficult writing and rehearsing on Zoom.

    “We always get the best results writing music together from being around the same speakers. It is 100 per cent different.

    “You feed off the energy of each other. On Zoom you are hearing it differently and you might not actually be hearing it at the same time.

    “So it was a difficult year, but we did have some really big moments.

    “We got to play at Abbey Road last year. They got in contact with us. It was quite intense. It was really throwing us in at the deep end, but it always feels like we work well under pressure. We just did one song, Put A Record On (available to view on YouTube).

    “It was just great. You are in the room that The Beatles did their stuff.

    “The vibe just comes out of the walls. It was just massive, just intense to go in there and smash the song out. I can’t wait to get back. You just feel really humble when you think of the people that have been there.”