Abstract and atmospheric art at duo’s colourful show

Variations II – Colour And Contrast brings together Sheila and Peter Marlborough at the Hop Gallery, Lewes, from Saturday, August 23, to Sunday, September 7 (Tuesday-Saturday, 10.30am-5pm, Sunday 12 noon-5pm).

Sheila and Peter will be exhibiting new paintings in a diverse and colourful show, following their successful exhibition at the Hop Gallery in 2012.

This new exhibition is part of Lewes Artwave 2014.

They each have a different way of interpreting landscape, by painting from memory or brief sketches.

Peter paints with oils and likes to create the atmosphere and feeling of place, while Sheila is known for her colour and semi-abstractions, painting in acrylic and mixed media.

There will also be some pieces of 3D work on show.

The couple met at the St Ives School of Painting in 1982 and return every year to meet up with artists friends there and to refresh their creativity.