Artist captures reservoir’s beauty

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LOCAL artist Sarah Paget has captured the essence and beauty of Arlington Reservoir in a series of acrylic paintings which are being exhibited at Patisserie Lewes, in Lewes, until May 31.

The exhibition, entitled “Meditation on Reeds”, was inspired by South East Water’s reservoir located near Polegate. With its outstanding scenery, Arlington Reservoir is an idyllic venue for anglers seeking a peaceful and productive day.

Sarah, commenting on her inspiration, said: “I was drawn to a particular reed bank at the reservoir, captured by their gentle rubbing sounds as they blew in the wind, and the way the different light over a period of several months would transform the reeds caught in the translucent light, generating an array of beautiful colours.”

The exhibition is the latest in a series by the artist who has spent several months sketching the reeds to capture the different seasonal atmospheres.

Arlington Reservoir is entirely man made by South East Water and the company’s extensive conservation and ecology work has paid dividends in other ways – since Arlington Reservoir was built it has been designated a Site of Special Scientific Interest and a Local Nature Reserve.

Sarah trained at Central St Martins College of Art and Design in London and since then has continued to draw and paint, exhibiting in London and more locally.