Author’s rabbit tales captivate kids

lsjs ents wc November 26, 2012
lsjs ents wc November 26, 2012

Uckfield author Catherine Broughton has released her books for toddlers which are available on Amazon.

The series of six books aimed at the two to six age group tells of the adventures of a baby black rabbit.

Called The Lovely and Very Nice Stories of Baby Black Rabbit, and fully illustrated by the author, this book series is utterly English in feel and captures the magical world of little children.

Catherine said: “I used to invent these stories for my own children when they were little, especially on long car journeys or in waiting rooms.

“I would quickly scribble out a little illustration to go with what I was saying and the children – and all their little friends – were always captivated.

“ I once found myself stuck in a ski lift cabin when my youngest, Jake, was about five years old.

“The cabin swung precariously over a frozen valley and snow fell all around us, and the other occupants in the cabin were as frightened as I was.

“To keep Jake from thinking about it I told him a Baby Black Rabbit story and all the other occupants listened attentively – grown men and women – and some even asked ‘what happened next?’ when we were finally rescued!”

Catherine Broughton’s work is usually aimed at adults and she has five novels, a travel book and a collection of verse out.

Breaking away from her usual genre with Baby Black Rabbit she takes us in to the precious world of the small child.

Catherine, 60, and her family own a chateau in France. She is a published author, blogger and artist and was born in South Africa, the second of seven children.

Her father was a doctor of tropical diseases and his work took the family all over the world to various parts of Africa, the South Pacific and Europe.

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