Designer uses art, light and textures

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Martin Nee semi-retired from his lifetime’s work as a graphic designer 18 months ago but his passion for technology and different art forms has now changed into a totally new concept in combining art and light.

He will be showing the results for the first time in public in an exhibition to be held at South Downs Garden Centre in Hassocks on April 10, 11 and 12.

Martin has always been fascinated by texture and light and started by exploring how he could best create these.

He found that by using portions of dried paint and collaging them on a wooden back board, a substrate, and pouring resin over them he could achieve amazing effects.

“Demand for these highly-coloured, lightly-sculptured tactile artworks is exciting people’s senses and is becoming very sought after”, he says.

Martin, from Littleworth near Horsham, is always searching for more ways of incorporating new technology into his artworks.

His work can also be viewed in the newly-built restaurant and coffee shop at the South Downs garden centre where he has been commissioned to place an installation of his work.

Martin’s friend Jonathan Tate, who is the owner of the Tate of Sussex family-run garden centres and tourist attractions, is enthusiastic about his art and Martin’s potential.

He will be featuring him in the new art and design centre being built alongside the new restaurant, due to open in 2016.

Visit to find out more about the artist.