Drusillas Park looks back at an eventful year

Kendari has a cool snack
Kendari has a cool snack

2013 has proved a busy year at Drusillas Park, with many highlights reported in Zoo News over the past twelve months:


Star of Madagascar Live! King Julien, posed with the ring-tailed lemurs at Drusillas; the lemurs revelled with excitement as the self proclaimed Lord of Lemurs graced them with his kingliness.


Monty the Meerkat officially became the most loved animal at Drusillas according to visitors, securing more annual adoptions than any other animal and three times as many as his closest rival Slasher the penguin.


At Easter pandemonium hit Drusillas when red pandas, Tibao and Mulan arrived at the zoo.


Spring brought the arrival of many baby bundles of fur and feathers including a Goeldi’s monkey, silvery marmoset, red-handed tamarin, black cheeked lovebirds and a rare black lemur baby named Prince George.


Furry fugitives, Bandit and Turpin absconded from the zoo. Turpin was discovered one week later asleep at the top of the Go Wild! play area. Keepers finally caught up with Bandit twelve weeks later sunbathing on the roof of a garden shed in Alfriston.


In June two beaver kits were born at the zoo; the first of their kind to arrive at the park in over 20 years.


As the temperatures soared during July, the zoo keepers went to great lengths to keep the animals cool including freezing their food into layered lollipops as well as adding giant ice cubes to the penguin pool.


Basil the Burmese python shed his skin on a very grand scale; the resulting slough measured over 5 metres and was the equivalent length of three keepers!


Following a year of negotiations with Japanese company Sanrio, Drusillas announced the arrival of Hello Kitty Secret Garden in spring 2014, which will include three children’s rides.


As Halloween approached, keepers noticed an increase in the number of strange and eerie calls at night from Lemurland. The scientific name for ring-tailed lemurs is lemur catta meaning ghost cat in latin; their mysterious howl is audible up to half a mile away.


A giant stowaway huntsman spider that travelled from Taiwan to St Leonards On Sea in a shipping container was rehomed to Drusillas following an RSPCA rescue.


Between 60–70,000 LED lights were used to light up Drusillas Park’s spectacular Winter Wonderland Illuminations, which are switched on every day at 4.30pm until January 5.