Exhibition explores medium of photography

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Surface Exposure offers an exhibition of photography research at the University of Brighton Gallery from July 16-24.

Spokeswoman and exhibitor Rachel Gillies said: “This is an exhibition of work by four research students exploring the medium of photography.

“Each of these bodies of work has at its heart a concern with the way in which the surface of the photograph mediates and communicates information about the world. Nothing is certain here; the photograph is never fixed. It is always in the process of being formed, given shape by a complex dialogue between operations of desire and the technologies of production.

“Peter Bennett develops a practice whereby the surface of the photograph becomes a metaphor for the fading and erasure of memory.”

Rachel herself explores ways in which new forms of digital corruption trouble our ideas about the stability of the individual subject.

“The studio backdrops in Jonathan Baggaley’s photographs are part of a complex apparatus for the production of the self, surfaces haunted by suggestions of desire and loss. Ignacio Acosta, whose work revolves around the history of copper mining in Chile, engages with the multiple ways in which the surface of the photographic image both resists and communicates political meaning, aesthetics subverting any easy reading of the document.”