Film review: Mirror Mirror (three out of five stars)

Lily Collins as Snow White
Lily Collins as Snow White

(PG) 106mins

Director: Tarsem Singh

Starring: Lily Collins, Julia Roberts, Armie Hammer

FIRST up on the Snow White front this year is Mirror Mirror, to be followed by Snow White and the Huntsman - a much darker tale than this light-hearted version.

While Mirror Mirror has some great ideas and is shot in glorious colour, it tries appeal to an audience in the same way a pantomime does (and I don’t like pantos).

There is some great humour when the likes of Julia Roberts as the wicked queen takes the mickey out of fairy tales (“the villagers danced and played all day long - apparently they didn’t have any jobs in those days”).

But Snow White, played by Lily Collins, daughter of former Genesis member and chart-topper Phil Collins, is just a bit too sugary sweet and perfect for my liking.

That may be fine for the younger audience, but for me just seemed to be a missed opportunity.

Roberts is very good, revelling in nastiness and being objectionable to her step-daughter.

Armie Hammer as the Prince is also fine in the role, and is given the chance to be rather silly when drugged at one stage.

But it’s the additional characters that help boost the film.

Nathan Lane, as the Queen’s right-hand man Brighton, is well known as the voice behind Timon in The Lion King and is excellent in this role.

The seven dwarves are also all brilliant and the best scenes are when they are featured.

The plot follows a similar course to the very well-known fairy tale but with some slight diversions along the way that actually enhance the story.

The ‘poisoned apple’ scene is particularly handed rather well.

And the CGI graphics are impressive, especially how the Queen gets to talk to the famous Mirror.

But I have to confess to some confusion why we had a Bollywood style song and dance as the titles rolled.

Steve Payne

Screening courtesy of Cineworld Crawley