Gallery lets artists show range of skills

As part of the annual Lewes district Artwave Festival, the Foundry Gallery is hosting the 37th Annual Exhibition of paintings by members of the Sussex Watercolour Society, from August 23-31.

Spokeswoman Kate Osborne said: “This exhibition shows the rich variety and diversity of members’ work, from traditional watercolour to the exuberant use of inks and acrylics.

“This is the Society’s first show at the Foundry Gallery, a wonderfully-expansive space which will give the artists an opportunity to show a broader range of their skills, more of their work, and plenty of space for demonstrating their techniques.”

Among those demonstrating will be Kate herself, Frans de Leij and the internationally known Shirley Trevena.

“The Society was formed 37 years ago, the same year the M5 opened, the Sex Pistols were arrested, Tom Hardy was born, and Red Rum ran the Grand National for the third time. Founder members included Charles Knight, who became the first president, Norman Clark and Francis Russell-Flint.”

As for Kate’s own work: “As a textile designer I worked with a huge colour palette, and have had to exercise a little more discipline since moving into painting, but only up to a point! The Sussex Watercolour Society is always keen to welcome new members.

“Although proficiency in watercolour is expected, current members’ skills are diverse, and include oils, acrylics, mixed media, sculpture and jewellery.”

New members are considered at the AGM every October. Visit

The Foundry Gallery is at 32 North Street, Lewes, BN7 2PH.