Latest releases - June 29

Locked in with something lurking - Storage 24.
Locked in with something lurking - Storage 24.

Lovely Molly (15)

You may think that the plot of this story may be a joyful one but you are sadly mistaken.

In fact, the creators of The Blair Witch Project bring a horror which sees a young girl moving into her deceased father’s hom,e only to discover that she is not alone.

Partially filmed on a handheld camera, this film will definitely make you jump and even though it is rated a 15 the trailer looks a lot scarier.

Storage 24 (15)

Noel Clarke has created a science fiction horror with a plane crashing in London which seems to have some sort of lifeform inside.

Due to this crash, a nearby storage container is locked trapping a number of people inside. The aim of the film is to escape, though the ‘alien’ may well have other ideas.

From the creators of Kidulthood and Adulthood.

Friends With Kids (15)

If you liked Bridesmaids then I’m sure you will like this film as many of the cast have come together again. Writer and star of the film Jessica Westfeldt brings together a film of laughter and the troublesome of growing up and becoming parents.

The film shows two best friends deciding to have a baby together while not indulging in a romantic relationship in order to make life simpler for them.

Cast members also include Chris O’Dowd, Kristen Wiig, Megan Fox, Jon Hamm and Maya Rudolph.

Killer Joe (18)

Matthew McConaughey ditches his typical role in a romantic comedy by starring as a rogue cop in this thriller.

A young man’s life is in danger when he owes a debt which results in him plotting aginst his mother in order for her life insurance money. They hire McConaughey to kill her.

Due to there being a problem with the payment up front not everything goes to plan and McConaughey takes a retainer - the customer’s sister.

From the director of The Exorcist.

Joyful Noise (PG)

This film shows Queen Laifa and Dolly Parton fighting against being appointed the choir director of their small town.

The choir competes every year but this time they need a change in order to win the competition. This is where Dolly’s grandson comes in to mix it up.

A feel good film about a community coming together.

Joanna Payne