Mood and light from landscapes

Kingston Ridge
Kingston Ridge

Jaime Etherington offers Downland Light, a new exhibition at the Hop Gallery, Star Brewery, Castle Ditch Lane, off Fisher Street), Lewes, running until Thursday, June 7.

“I have always been keenly observational in my drawing since childhood,” Jaime said: “My artistic training consisted of GCSE art through to A level art followed by a year at Eastbourne collage. Finally I completed a degree in industrial design with a focus more on conceptual and technical drawing.

“I kept drawing off and on for about the next eight years when the mood took me. To this end I produced a series of bleach and ink drawings from around Lewes. This was in 2005, and it was from these that I sold my first piece of work.

“After this, I became more interested in photography and capturing mood and light from the local landscape. This then led me into my current way of working, combining my observational, drafting skills and, for the first time, oil paints, along with photographic references, to produce landscape oil paintings of the South Downs. I have recently had a couple of solo exhibitions in galleries in Lewes where I live.

“I work mainly in oils. I prefer oils because of their versatility and vibrancy, and feel that they give me the best chance of capturing mood and the moment.

“Most of my work is from areas close to Lewes such as Black Cap and Ditchling Beacon. There are so many varied and beautiful places here that there is an abundance of artistic possibilities.

“My inspiration has come from running and walking on the South Downs and seeing the beauty of the landscape first hand. They provide a wealth of sweeping views with subtle meandering hills.and chalk paths. When you combine this physicality with weather and light it can combine to produce unique scenes of warmth, form, colour and depth. This is what I attempt to capture with my style of painting which I would describe as representational, but with a loose and lively painting manner.”

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