New collection of art

JANE Wateridge and Lynn Warren offer A Room With A View, the new exhibition at the Hop Gallery, Castle Ditch Lane, Lewes, from Saturday, August 25-Thursday, September 6 (open Tuesday-Saturday 10.30am-5pm).

Following their successful 2010 show at the gallery, Jane and Lynn return for Artwave 2012 with their new collection of contemporary paintings and sculpture.

Born in Croydon, Surrey, Jane Wateridge is a full-time artist and a graduate of Pembrokeshire College and Winchester School of Art.

Gallery spokeswoman Diana Hitchin said: “Painting in oil and acrylic, making drawings with charcoal, graphite and ink, she produces work that is inspired by the natural world, urban life and the domestic landscape.

“With her current and most recent work, Jane seeks to explore these traditional subjects captured in moments of transition, in a quest to occupy the tense, fertile terrain that lays somewhere between figuration and abstraction.

“She enjoys travelling whenever possible, with sketchbooks, paint and canvas to feed her studio practice and her interest in European contemporary painting and art history.

Jane now lives and works in Lewes.”

After an early career in management consultancy training, Lynn Warren’s primary focus is now sculpture. 

“As she finds the essential expression and energy of the form, her sculptures often take on a life of their own, assuming varying degrees of human gesture and emotion,” Diana said.

“At other times, she looks directly to the human figure, but remains fascinated by the search for abstraction rather than representation.

“Lynn’s sculptures are largely about mood and movement: sometimes a gentle flow of line and planes, reflecting quiet contemplation; at other times the boisterous joie de vivre of dancing forms. The degrees of abstraction often leave room for your own interpretation.”

Lynn lives and works near East Grinstead.

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