Photos look at climate response

FotoDocument, in partnership with Southern Railway, has launched the fourth and final instalment of its photographic exhibition at Brighton station.

Nina Emett, founding director of FotoDocument, said: “The yearlong rolling exhibition programme has highlighted positive solutions to global environmental issues and concludes with FotoDevelopment, two inspiring photo essays focusing on innovative ways that Bangladesh is responding to climate change.

“FotoDevelopment showcases stunning photographs from Bangladeshi photographers Abir Abdullah and Khaled Hasan.

“Abir’s picturesque photo essay focuses on boat schools, which bring vital educational and health services to waterside communities in flood-prone regions, whilst Khaled’s gritty yet hauntingly beautiful photographs compare existing brick kiln technology in Bangladesh to new imported technology, which is better for the environment and human health.

“Spanning the length of Brighton station, the exhibition is free to view and is open to passengers, visitors and local residents alike.”

Sarah Evans, at Southern Railway, said: “It’s been an exciting year for Brighton with the exhibition bringing even more character and interest to an already-bustling station.

“With the impending sustainable developments planned at the station, the current exhibition couldn’t be timelier.

“We hope our passengers and visitors enjoy these sensational works of art.”