Review: Holiday on Ice, Brighton Centre

Holiday on Ice/Morris MacMatzen

Holiday on Ice is back and it's more impressive than ever.

This year's theme is Time and Holiday on Ice takes you away to relive some of life’s most cherished moments as a brilliant, spectacular show on ice.

Holiday on Ice/Morris Mac Matzen

First kiss, first love or an unforgettable dream holiday become a thrilling experience for the whole family.

The innovative choreography showcases the pinnacle of athleticism, incredible costumes and stunning light and show effects. There's fire, smoke and dazzling lighting (even from the skates).

The four principal couples are all impressive but it was International ice-skating stars Annette Dytrt and Yannick Bonheur who stood out for me. Both have separately gained numerous national championship titles during their active professional careers, and now they have come together to mesmerise the Brighton audience with beautifully choreographed (especially the Say Something section), passionate dances and breathtaking stunts. The headbangers alone are unbelievable. You can't take you eyes off them.

Stanislav Verderski and Viktoria Maksiuta get the laughs with their comedic routine to to Sonata No. 14 Moonlight in C-Sharp Minor.

Holiday on Ice, Brighton Centre

There is a magical blend of incredible acrobatics (a very impressive Donet Collazo Valdez), unique special acts, unparalleled choreography and handmade costumes.

The blurb for the show says: "Thomas Rath, famous for TV casting show Germany’s Next Top Model by Heidi Klum among other things, uses his refined creativity and great attention to detail to conjure up a very special kind of charm." And he certainly achieves that.

This is an enthralling, mesmerising and breathtaking show which has something for everyone.

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