Sharing obsessions at Lewes

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Architexture, Hop Gallery, Star Brewery, Castle Ditch Lane, Lewes, June 23-July 5.

ARCHITEXTURE offers a new joint exhibition from Cat Ingrams and Natalie Martin at the Hop Gallery, Lewes.

Gallery spokeswoman Diana Hitchin said: “Natalie Martin and Cat Ingrams have a shared obsession with architecture, words, atmospheres and surfaces which they explore through painting, sculpture, printmaking and drawing. Their first show together promises new explorations of old preoccupations.”

Cat Ingrams graduated from the University of Brighton with a first-class degree in fine art: sculpture in 2003. In September of the same year she co-founded Blue Monkey Studio in Eastbourne with three fellow graduates and moved to Eastbourne from Hove in 2005.

As well as being a working artists’ space Blue Monkey Studio has hosted a number of open exhibitions, Festival shows and networking events. The artists have also exhibited together in other venues and the Blue Monkey Network, set up by co-founder Judith Alder, now holds monthly events at Towner gallery.

“Cat’s work focuses on the nature of consciousness and the fragmentary evolution of multiple universes of meaning, states of mind and the sense of self. She evokes the complex, shared, paradoxically unique, world of inner experience through constructions of interior space. With a particular interest in the affective power of architectural form and imagery she cites among many influences the work of Mike Nelson, Rachel Whiteread, James Casebere, David Lynch and Juhani Pallasmaa.”

Natalie Martin was born in 1972 and grew up in an environment dominated by art and literature. Graduating from the University of Brighton in 2003 with a degree in sculpture, she continued to work in conceptual installation until discovering a talent and love for painting. Focusing primarily on depictions of urban architecture, her painting has developed into a highly detailed, representational style that still retains painterly qualities.

She said: “I love the way that architecture stands as an artificial construct in the natural landscape and yet, like the human beings that build and inhabit the structures, they suffer at the passing of time, decaying and withering, the wear and tear a record of the lives and movement occurring in and around it, an archive of events told in erosion, oxidisation and rot.

“When I talk to people about my paintings, they almost always have a story to tell, a memory triggered by the work that draws them to it. I really want to explore that side of it myself, to try and find my own stories, looking at the same themes but create something rather than try to decipher what’s already there.”

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