The camera does lie

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North Looking South, Hop Gallery, Star Brewery, Castle Ditch Lane, Lewes, March 31-April 12.

NORTH Looking South brings together artists David Stacey and Graham Carlow for an exhibition at the Hop Gallery.

Gallery spokeswoman Diana Hitchin said: “David Stacey and Graham Carlow both studied photography at Derby in the mid-1980s. Here they turn their cameras on what to them is an alien landscape. Each of them is working with techniques that question the veracity of the photography.

“For Graham, the camera has always lied. It always has something to say in the process of taking a picture.”

Graham explains: “For the last three to four years I’ve been exploring other ways to use a camera to make pictures. I’m interested in what the camera makes you do in order to recreate what’s in front of you.

“Because of the way they are made, the pictures contain a time element. They are made from a number of images taken over either a few fractions of a second, or maybe over an hour of shooting. They contain many views, but hopefully rebuild something more like an experience.”

Diana added: “David has been using the TtV technique of using a digital camera to photograph the image as it appears on the viewfinder of another camera. The distortions introduced by the second camera represent the way that each person’s view of reality and what they see is affected by their own experiences.”

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