Daft Punk in their cameo role in Tron: Legacy.
Daft Punk in their cameo role in Tron: Legacy.

(PG) 127mins

Direcor: Joseph Kosinski

Starring: Jeff Bridges, Garrett Hedlund, Bruce Boxleitner, Michael Sheen, Olivia Wilde

IF YOU watched the original Tron back in 1982 or subsequently on TV or DVD and thought it weird and a load of nonsense, then Tron: Legacy won’t be for you.

However, if like me, you’re a bit of a sci-fi nut, then this long-awaited sequel is great fun.

There’s all sorts of deeper elements flying around (genocide, man vs machine, the pursuit of perfection), but it’s probably best seen as a human story of strong family ties.

You don’t have to watch the original movie to enjoy this latest incarnation and to be honest it was so long ago I watched Tron I had forgotten a lot of it.

The movie is shot in both 2D (action on Earth) and 3D (life within the Grid) which emphasises the amazing digital world we are dragged into.

The story revolves round Sam Flynn (Hedlund) whose father Kevin (Bridges) disappeared several years before. While searching for his dad, Sam is drawn into the world in which Kevin is trapped.

A younger, digital version of Kevin (Clu) has taken over this cyber universe attempting to create perfect order.

So father and son, plus a unique creation Quorra (Wilde), battle to get out of the Grid and stop Clu in his quest for domination.

The CGI is truly fantastic as is the brilliant music from Daft Punk.

Michael Sheen is also very good as a ‘program’ who owns a bar where rejects hang out.

The action scenes are remarkable and a lot of fun, and while the movie often takes itself too seriously there’s plenty to admire and enjoy.

four out of five stars

Steve Payne