Unique dance biography for poet

Lament For Lorca, Ditchling Village Hall, 18 Lewes Road, June 9.

INTERNATIONAL flamenco company Cancion Gitana present Lament For Lorca at Ditchling Village Hall.

Graham Benge, artistic director, said: “In the opening days of the Spanish Civil War in 1936, Federico Garcia Lorca, the country’s greatest modern poet and playwright, was brutally assassinated by a fascist gang, one of the earliest acts of brutality in a vicious war that was to tear Spain asunder for three years.

“Acclaimed as one of the greatest poets of the 20th century, Lorca distilled into his works the very essence of Spain and his native Andalucia, the searing heat and riotous colours, the joys and passions, the comedies and tragedies.

“International flamenco dance company Cancion Gitana have created a new and unique dance biography of the brief, extraordinary, life of this remarkable poet, his friendships with artists Bunuel and Dali, his fascination with Gypsy culture and his passionate love of fiery Flamenco dance and song.

“Created and choreographed by Flamenco dancer Helena (Sadlers Wells, BBC TV, Channel 4), the 110-minute spectacular features an international company of Flamenco dancers, guitarist, singers and narrator, dancer Helena, the poetic and narration skills of Rosario Serrano (Ballet Rambert, Duende Flamenco Company) from Madrid, the rich cante jondo voice of Fernando Reyes from Cadiz and the passionate Flamenco guitar of Tomas El Jardinero.

“In a spectacular of 25 scenes with many costume changes, narration and dramatic poetry in Spanish and English, film projections and striking lighting, Cancion Gitana create a Flamenco dance theatre performance of a kind rarely seen on UK stages, a passionate and dramatic re-telling of the life and death of an artist, a man destroyed by savage forces as the country he loved was torn apart.”

The performance starts at 7.45pm. Tickets in advance and information from 07758 752257 or 07963 959262 or duendeflamenco@aol.com