Astonishing voices in
Britten’s moving opera

Rape of Lucretia
Rape of Lucretia
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This was the first time I had seen a Benjamin Britten opera.

The music definitely had a more modern feel to it – it was first performed at Glyndebourne in 1946.

But it was beautiful and surprising, with the performances from the cast a joy to behold.

They boasted stunning voices and performed the tragic material with soul and sensitivity.

And it was a very sad subject matter, with only a little in the way of a hope for salvation offered at the end. It was moving and powerful.

The set was cleverly designed to look like an archaeological dig, with some of the cast members even submerged under the soil on the stage.

And the costumes seemed to give a nod to the 1940s origins of the play, despite the action itself being set in ancient Rome.

It was cleverly done, beautifully performed and an emotive story.

The Rape of Lucretia will be at Glyndebourne Opera House near Lewes on Friday October 25 and Thursday November 28.