Author of IVF book to host signing

Verity and Daisy-May
Verity and Daisy-May

Statistics state that one in six couples experience fertility issues, yet it is still a taboo subject.

This is something Verity Craig wants to combat with her book 'IVF and Infertility, Our Journey: A True Story Of One Couple's Struggle Against The Odds'.

Verity's book

Verity's book

"We had six traumatic years, and whenever I was on the train home or after treatments I started to write a blog, just so I could keep a note of things and then my husband and I could look through and see what was happening," Verity said.

"We came to realise that there were no books on the market, other than medical ones, about what it was like to go through IVF, from the POV of someone going through it."

The book is the journey of Verity and her husband through 12 cycles of IVF.

She said: "I had miscarriages and a ruptured ectopic pregnancy which was life threatening but after the last cycle I fell pregnant with my daughter Daisy-May.

"I want to also give people going through it hope that you can get pregnant.

"Paul and I will always have a special place in our hearts for the wonderful team at The Lister Hospital, Chelsea. They really do go over and above in helping people."

Verity and her husband Paul were placed in the 'unexplained' category which meant that they couldn't find out why they couldn't have children together. The couple went private with their treatment as they were unable to get anything on the NHS.

"I already had my daughter, who I had when I was young," explained Verity. "“Because I already had a child, I was not entitled to a cycle on the NHS with my husband. It is scandalous really.

"You just think it will happen quickly and when it didn't it was just a shock that we couldn't get pregnant."

The book is also good for friends and family members who are unsure of what to say giving them an insight into what a loved one might be going through.

The book is available in WHSmith, Waterstones and Amazon.

Verity is also on Instragram @VJC2020

She is hosting book signings in Uckfield, the signing will be held in WHSmith at 10am on the Saturday, November 24, and WHSmith in Tunbridge Wells at 2pm on Saturday, December 1.