FITNESS: Drop a dress size in six weeks '“ part five

NOW there are only two weeks to go in the six-week, drop a dress size challenge.

I want you to keep up the effort and make sure you complete all the necessary exercise sessions.

I'm raising the bar again this week, and I want you to complete at least 15 circuits of the 10 exercises, spread over the working week.

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Don't let the cardio workouts slip '“ I still need you to complete at least two separate sessions of at least 30 minutes.

This week you'll be super-setting, which quite simply means doing two sets for the same body part in rapid succession.

This is a lot harder but if you've kept to the plan you should be ready.

Exercise 1: Step ups (20 reps)

Simply step up and down on a step, not forgetting to lead with both sides.

Make sure you maintain correct posture.

Try applying a little more resistance by holding some weights in your hands.

These could simply be some water bottles, with some water in, of course.

Exercise 2: Lunge twist (eight to 10 each side)

You should be pretty happy with lunges now, and your legs should be strengthening and toning nicely.

While in your lunge, hold your hands together in front of the chest and rotate your upper body so the arms pass over the front thigh.

Only go as far as your balance can manage to start with, and return to standing.

Exercise 3: Single arm wall press up (10 each arm)

You should remember this from a couple of weeks ago.

This will require a lot more core integration and shoulder stability than the two-arm version and will challenge the smaller, lesser-used muscles.

You can adjust the resistance by moving your feet closer or further from the wall.

Exercise 4: Floor bridge chest flyes (15 reps, pictured above)

A chance to just lie down now (if only), grab some small weight, maybe some water bottles.

Raising your bum off the floor and holding the position with your glutes (bum muscles) we are going to work the chest.

Bring the weights in front of the chest with your elbows slightly bent, now lower out wide until the upper arm touches the floor, squeeze the chest and return the weight to the start. Your butt should be on fire by now!

Exercise 5: Wall scapula squat

Back to squats now, but this time you place you hands on a wall at shoulder height.

Now gently squat down pushing your bum backwards until you feel a light stretch in your calves or upper back.

Return to the start by tightening your buttocks and repeat.

Exercise 6: Floor cobra

Lying face down on the floor with arms at your side you need to gently raise your arms off the floor as shown trying to feel the movement working between your shoulder blades.

As you raise the arms, rotate the palms anti-clockwise so the thumbs point at the ceiling rather than the floor.

Exercise 7: Squat rotate lift (10 each side)

Up on to your feet now as we squat down with or without a weight between the hands and over to one side.

On the way back up, keeping the arms straight, rotate through one leg and take the arms up and diagonally away from the body before returning.

Exercise 8: Push press (20 reps)

Your heart should be really pumping now and we want to keep it going.

This is really going to help burn the arm and shoulder muscles into shape.

As you reach one leg back push the arms upwards with or without some resistance (make sure it's a challenge).

Complete 10 reps and then swap the legs.

Exercise 9: Uppercuts, rotating (20 reps alternating)

Your arms need to maintain a 90 degree bend at all times, squat down slightly and as you raise punch one arm upwards and across the chest until the elbow is at shoulder height.

Alternate the arms for the desired reps.

Exercise 10: Fast arm pumps (20 to 30 seconds)

This will keep the heart pumping and it's great for the arms.

Take a staggered stance with a slight lean forward and the abs locked in and butt squeezed.

The arms are going to be pumping back and forth as fast as you can control for good technique.

No stopping until you have reached a minimum of 20 seconds, try to push for the 30 seconds, you can do it.

Throughout the programme, keep an eye on your food intake and try to make gradual changes rather than too much too soon '“ you're much more likely to stay happy.

Remember, nothing is off the menu, you just need to find a balance. Don't become a diet sheep, you need to find the things that work for you and keep you sane.

All the previous weeks' programmes '“ log on to

Any problems or questions, send me an email. The address is [email protected]


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