Alt-rockers offer tracks from their defiant debut

Living De�d Lights
Living De�d Lights
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LA alt-rockers Living Deäd Lights are gearing up to cross the Atlantic for a UK tour that brings them to Worthing.

They play the town’s Forty Two on November 5.

Spokesman Matt Brinkworth said: “They are one of the newest acts to be picked up by rock legend Doug Goldstein (Guns ‘n’ Roses glory days manager, Black Sabbath head of security etc), and they are heading out on a big European tour following their highly-regarded debut album Black Letters.

“The group are excited to perform tracks from their defiant debut album to their awaiting fans in the UK, home of bassist Martin Kelly.”

Lead guitarist Alan Damiën said: “We have a message entangled inside a nastiness of sound, and inside a destructive energy there’s a current of hope that exists. It’s honestly something that we feel is missing in music and art today.”

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