Ambitious band aim to make a statement


Brighton-based four-piece Rubylux are a band with the highest possible ambitions.

Keyboard player Adam Harris said: “We want to be the biggest band in the world.”

The start of their campaign is their debut full album The World Goes Quiet, released on Luxury-B Records via Universal, on the back of their single I Don’t Want Paradise, released at the end of August.

“The album has been a bit of a long wait.

“The first recording we released ourselves, and it was very much an independent release. That came out in 2010.

“We then spent a lot of time working on this one and getting the sound the way that we wanted it. We were also gigging and doing a lot of other things.”

Among the more unusual sidelines were a number of visits to Asia, working with Hard Rock Café after the head of Hard Rock Café saw a Youtube video which had been posted of one of their street gigs.

“We went out to Asia, and we have been back three times since,” Adam says.

They would hope to go back out there again, but for the moment the focus is on their debut album.

“People like to compare, and collectively people say we are a bit like The Killers or bands like Snow Patrol, that kind of authentic, good, well-written song type band.”

The new album was partly recorded in Arundel: “We went to a lot of different places. We used eight different studios, and we also did quite a bit at home, getting the songs up to demo standard.

“We also spent a lot of time in North Wales. Our drummer comes from North Wales. We did all our first demos up there. We are very attached to it. We spent about a month, just sitting there together in the studio, just working out what the album was going to sound like.

“We are really happy with the way it has turned out. We feel that this is our declaration of what we are about. I suppose now we just have to make sure that it is heard by as many people as possible. We are now looking to get some support tours this autumn.”

They do so on the back of a number of festival appearances this summer, including supporting Lionel Richie at Hyde Park.

“It was an amazing day. There are three different stages, but they work it so that when Lionel was playing, no one else was playing, so that when you are on the smaller, satellite stages, you still get a good crowd.”

Rubylux have recently been announced as the music ambassadors for Soccerex, joining some big names in football including Michael Owen and Neymar.

The band are the company’s first musicians to take on the role and will travel to Rio later this year to perform at their Global Football Festival on Copacabana beach, as well as performing at Soccerex’s other social evening events which football’s most senior-decision makers attend.

Singer and guitarist Rob Irving, bassist Clark Coslett-Hughes, drummer Mike Hall and keyboard player Adam have seen a surge in support since the release of their first single earlier this year.

“From the day Rubylux got together our aim was to make the kind of record that we would all like to listen to, to try and compete with the biggest bands in the world – to play as well as they play and make the kind of music that touches people in the same way they do.

“With this album I think we have begun to achieve that.”