An emotional farewell to Cate

Dizraeli and the Small Gods, The Haunt, 
Brighton, September 15

It was an emotional gig for Dizraeli and the Small Gods as they said goodbye to singer Cate Ferris who has left the band to pursue her solo career.

And it was a sad day for fans of the band, who have no doubt been bewitched by her crystal clear vocals. She has a voice that makes your spine tingle and gives you goosebumps. Cate was supporting the band and sang two songs with them.

The musicians still rock too, as well they should, with a stellar line up that includes a performance poet and rapper Dizraeli, a world champion beat boxer Bellatrix (who also plays double bass) and an array of talented musicians, with a keyboard player and violinist, a drummer and DJ among their number.

We heard new songs from the band with Bellatrix providing some of the beautiful vocals together with Dizraeli. He also sings, plays guitar and the melodica, a sort of keyboard with a mouthpiece that you blow into.

The new material remains a mixture of folk, hip hop and jazz, but I detected a few rock notes this time around. The lyrics are intelligent, the music multi layered and the band get the party started quite simply.

The crowd loved it, the mosh pit was jumping and the set ended with its energetic frontman leaping barefoot into the sweaty throng for a bit of crowdsurfing.

It was sad to hear of Cate Ferris’ departure but while the band did sound a little different without her soaring vocals and flute, they still sounded amazing. But I’m sure all Dizraeli and the Small Gods fans will be following Cate’s solo career too.