Boy bands enjoy new found youth

The Big Reunion Boy Band Tour, Brighton Centre, 
October 24

Brighton was transported back in time when six groups from the nineties and early noughties (and one new group), put together for The Big Reunion ITV Show, providing an evening of fun and nostalgia.

The evening was split into two sections of huge hits and boyband dance routines.

A1, 5ive (now three), Damage, 911, 3T, Blue and 5th Story all sang their hearts out to screaming females, reliving their youth, complete with flashing bunny ears and waving banners.

Michael Jackson’s nephews, 3T, were a huge hit with the audience, especially when they sang ‘Why’, with a video and vocals from their uncle playing on the big screen behind them.

Although 20 years older, the boys still managed to perform their hits with all the same energy and 911 even managed a few back flips. There was some reminiscing during the evening by some of the groups: A1 mentioning that they last performed at Brighton in year 2000; the 911 boys came to Brighton in 1996 to shoot their second video on the pier and Brighton holds fond memories for Jade Jones of Damage because it is where he met his long-term partner, Emma Bunton.

The super-group 5th Story, who were formed for the second series of The Big Reunion, consists of Dane Bowers, Gareth Gates, Kavana, Kenzie and Adam Rickitt. Their set allowed each of them to shine with the others providing backing vocals. The promise of Adam Rickitt taking his shirt off during his performance of ‘I Breathe Again’ whipped the crowd up into a frenzy. Gareth Gates finished the evening with his rendition of ‘Spirit in the Sky’, which had the whole audience out of their seats and cheering, before all the acts joined him on stage for the finale.

Some of the groups have lost members but they are producing new albums and enjoying their new found youth. The ITV show has given them a platform to get their careers back on track, now it’s up to the public to decide if they want them to stay.