Classic hits and fan favourites in band’s tribute to Bon Jovi

Bon Jovie
Bon Jovie

A superb Bon Jovi tribute act is set to play in Newhaven.

Bon Jovie, who formed in 2005, will perform at Newhaven Social Club on Saturday, August 16, at 9pm.

The band’s frontman is widely regarded as the best Jon Bon Jovi sound-alike and the group first performed a tribute to the New Jersey rock legends on national TV show ‘Stars in Their Eyes’ in 1996.

The connection with Bon Jovi has continued over the years to even include recording an album of original songs, which was produced by JBJ’s cousin, producer Tony Bon Giovi.

The musicians perform a wide variety of tunes, including all the classic hits such as ‘Livin on a Prayer’ and ‘Always’ as well as some album tracks and fan favourites.

A spokesman for Newhaven Social Club said: “The club is ecstatic to be included in Bon Jovie’s UK tour, and a huge effort is being made to set the scene and provide the audience with a fantastic atmosphere.”

The band use professionally made stage clothes and even some of the same instruments as used by the real band.

All members have a wealth of experience as performers, having shared a stage with well-known chart toppers.

They have also toured throughout the UK, Europe, and as far as the Middle East on a regular basis.

Their clients include Chicago Rock cafes, Jumpin Jaks, Warner Hotels, Carlsberg, Land Rover, ITT Cannon, and Her Majesty’s Armed Forces, to name but a few.

Early arrival is recommended.

All are welcome but a small fee may apply.