Classic Orbison hits and special star guests

Barry Steele
Barry Steele

Barry Steele presents his live spectacular multi media tribute to Roy Orbison at Martlets Hall, Burgess Hill on Saturday, September 27 (7.30pm).

Roy Orbison and Friends features classic Orbison hits from the ’60s right through to the late ’80s.

Using both live and Original film footage from the era, and backed by his fabulous band, Barry Steele aims to bring the life and character of Roy Orbison back to the centre stage, where it belongs.

Add to the mix the special star guests paying homage to Elvis Presley and Jerry Lee Lewis and you have yourself a spectacular fusion of good old rock ’n’ roll and contemporary musical genius all on one stage.

Tickets for the production £19.50.

Call 01444 242888 for more information.