Complete entertainment package

ents wc april 16
ents wc april 16

Stacey Earle & Mark Stuart, The Greys, Brighton, Monday, April 23. Tickets on 01273 680734.

“Few husband-wife musical duos provide audiences with the complete entertainment package that Stacey Earle & Mark Stuart deliver during their frequent live performances,” says spokesman Geraint Jones.

“Armed with clever acoustic guitar interplay, autobiographical songwriting, lovely harmonies, and a keen sense of humour, this captivating couple grab your attention from the moment they get on stage.

“Based in Tennessee, Earle and Stuart draw from blues, pop, country, rock, and more in their heartfelt music. The years of touring the folk/Americana circuit (playing around 170 concerts a year) have given them a knack for reaching out to audiences in an intimate fashion.

“Stacey and Mark own their own record label, Gearle Records, and have recorded numerous CDs over the years, with Dedication, their recently completed latest album due for release on May 21.

“2012 marks the 20th anniversary of Stacey Earle and Mark Stuart working together in music. Along the pathway the two artists would marry, tour the world, and record many albums together. Their latest work Dedication was partly inspired, after receiving as a gift, a 1928 Baldwin piano, with Stacey and Mark writing the core songs on the instrument.

“Their first new record since 2008, following a period of loss and reflection, on Dedication you’ll hear the darker times, sadder times and the healing of Stacey and Mark as they move on.”

Martin Turner’s Wishbone Ash. Haslemere Hall, Saturday, April 28.

With millions of album sales and concert attendances worldwide, Wishbone Ash’s heritage as one of the most enduring and best-loved British rock acts is assured, says spokesman Steve Puddick.

“Wishbone Ash was formed by West Country musicians Martin Turner and Steve Upton, who arrived in London in 1969 to embark on their musical journey.

“Intent on creating a musical sound that was rich in texture and melody, Martin Turner envisaged the band’s innovative harmony-guitar hallmark, and guitarists Ted Turner and Andy Powell were recruited via a now legendary Melody Maker advert.

“The partnership of the original line-up of Wishbone Ash forged a unique musical identity that would produce some of rock music’s best-loved works and influence numerous successful bands.

“Wishbone Ash would become synonymous with high quality guitar-driven melodic rock music.

“Over four decades later, the enduring music of the classic marks of Wishbone Ash continues to delight audiences worldwide through both live performances and a rich legacy of recorded work that continues to be enjoyed by fans old and new.

“As lead vocalist and key creative force, founding original member Martin Turner was central to the critical and commercial success of Wishbone Ash’s most revered albums, with his passionate vocal delivery, songwriting ability, keen melodic sense and production values being a key ingredient in the definitive Wishbone Ash sound.

“Martin Turner continues to perform the band’s best-loved works with his current line-up. Martin Turner’s Wishbone Ash features guitarists Ray Hatfield and Danny Willson, and drummer Dave Wagstaffe and remains faithful to the original Wishbone Ash blueprint.