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With album number two just about to hit the shops, X Factor winner Matt Cardle is delighted with life (Brighton’s Concorde, Monday, October 22).

“The album is certainly a progression,” says Matt. The follow-up to the debut release Letters, the new CD is The Fire and comes out on October 29.

“You have got to keep your audience interested, and you have got to keep yourself interested, but I didn’t want to do a Letters 2.

“So it is very different. I was in the studio and I had full control over the writing and the production and playing all the instruments. I didn’t have that kind of control for the first album.

“I also definitely wanted to make an upbeat album, and I have definitely achieved that with this,” says 29-year-old Matt.

It was a question of pulling together all his experience, both pre- and post-X Factor. Matt won the seventh series in 2010, but as he says, he had been pursuing his music for years.

“It took me 14 years to become an overnight success,” he laughs. “Before the X Factor I had a couple of albums with the band I was in, but I have learnt so much in the two years since being on the show, from going out to record an album and figuring out

what you need. And now I have got two albums’ worth of material for the live dates, so it should be a good show.”

Matt moved to London straight after X Factor. There was an enormous amount of pressure (to capitalise on the X Factor success), I am not going to lie. But you deal with it. I have become more confident. Your confidence just grows. But my experience before the show was just priceless.”

There is certainly a sense of having to live up to the great X Factor winner accolade: “But it was just a great big launchpad, a great place to start.”

Matt has gone on to become one of a very elite group of male solo artists with a platinum-selling debut album, He has sold more than two million singles and albums combined - a level of success beyond those wildest dreams.

So no downsides?

“Well, there is the invasion of privacy, people interested in who you are with and what you are doing, people knowing who you are. But it is generally all positive. I live in London. I have got my studio.

“I am surrounded by my guitars and I am happy!”

The Fire was written and recorded in London, Toronto and Los Angeles, and features co-writes with Eg White, Steve Booker, James Walsh and Paul Statham. Lead single It’s Only Love will also be released October 29.