Distinctive sound at concert in Town Hall

Piers Adams, celebrated recorder player and Lewes resident, is the star turn in the next concert with East Sussex Bach Choir and The Baroque Collective at Lewes Town Hall on November 17 at 7.30pm.

Spokeswoman Penny Acton said: “The concert will feature the distinctive sound world of the Baroque period in Italy with music by Antonio Vivaldi, one of the great masters of Italian music, and by Handel who composed mostly in the Italian style.

“Piers Adams will play two recorder concertos by Vivaldi from the famous series of 6 woodwind concertos dating from 1728/9. This was the period when Vivaldi composed his most famous string concertos including The Four Seasons, Storm at Sea and The Hunt.

“The choir will perform the original version of Vivaldi’s Magnificat which was written for the Ospedalle dela Pieta in Venice, a Foundling Hospital focussed on musical education to which Vivaldi was attached for most of his career. The piece features a wide range of emotions with some very distinctive instrumental and choral colours.

“The work would have been a great showcase for the famous young singers and instrumentalists of the Ospedalle many of whom were coached and taught by Vivaldi so he could compose to their strengths and provide music which challenged them to rise to new heights.

“Following that tradition ESBC has invited a group of young singers to take the solo roles in the concert. All of them are current or recent students already establishing very strong reputations- these are all future stars whom the choir is very pleased to be able to work with in these works.

“Handel’s psalm setting Dixit Dominus - The Lord spoke to my lord dates from 1707 when Handel paid an extended visit to Italy from his home in Germany. The visit confirmed Handel’s determination to make a life in music as well as giving him a wonderful grounding in the Italian style which he transferred with such success to London.

“Dixit Dominus is a flamboyant showcase of a piece designed to use to the full the brilliantly talented singers and players Handel found in Rome and to demonstrate to possible patrons his total mastery of this style of music.”

Tickets are available from Lewes Information Centre or by phone 07759 878562.