Finest Stones tribute act in the world

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The Rollin’ Clones, Crowborough Constitutional Club, Saturday, September 22.

WHAT’S on your shopping list of tribute band requirements? Masterly musicianship? Stage presence too big to be allowed? Front man seamlessly juggling infectious humour and humungous talent? Colourful? Sexy? Prancing? Edgy? Throw the list away, you’ve found what you’re looking for, delivered by Jaggernaut to Crowborough Constitutional Club. The Rollin’ Clones have been attributed with removing the cheese from the tribute genre and replacing it with beef, with lifting their audiences out of themselves and into rapture. There is nothing else to ask of a gig.

We’ve all heard the detractors applying their snobbish hatchets to tribute acts. Put that behind you. The Rollin’ Clones prove the worth of placing the work one of the greatest rock ‘n’ roll acts of all time in the gifted hands of craftsmen whose driving force is to deliver 50 years of back catalogue to the widest possible audience, ensuring its longevity on the live circuit for generations to come. Here are the awesome guardians of some of our most influential musical heritage. Here is the finest Rolling Stones tribute act in the world today.

For tickets call 07814 382861.