Godmother of Japanese Electronica plays Brighton

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Coppe’, dubbed the Godmother of Japanese Electronica, plays at The Marlborough Theatre,

Brighton on Sunday, October 7.

Once a Japanese Grammy Award-winning child star in her native country, as she grew up Coppe’ developed her career as one of Japan’s first-ever MTV VJs in the 80s, conducting Madonna’s very first international interview, as well as encounters with Michael Jackson, The Cure, Bob Marley, Prince, Stevie Wonder and Ray Charles.

By the early 90s, Coppe’ was one of Tokyo’s leading radio DJs, but added another string to her bow in 1995 when her passion for Electronic music saw her found her very own Mango + Sweetrice Records and begin recording and collaborating on material she had been working on for many years.

Since 1995, Coppe’ has released more than ten albums, and gone on to collaborate with some of the electronic music scene’s leading names, including as Plaid, DJ Vadim, Sutekh, Atom and Kettel.

In summer 2012, Coppe’ released her latest album Rays as part of a multimedia boxset project called Coppe’ In A Bloc, and will be re-releasing her first ten albums as digital downloads internationally for the first official time.

To celebrate these releases, Coppe’ and special guests will be heading to The Marlborough Theatre in Brighton for one night only.

Doors 7pm.